Here are some backgrounds for a project in progress.

I’d like to claim full authorship based on my amazing Art Direction skills, but it’s really Kelsey Stark’s, as always, stellar work.

It’s an Old Testament story, with the expected violence and wrath.

Because of that (and budget) we thought an anime treatment might be a fun way to go.

It’ll help keep the drawing count low, but the backgrounds will require extra attention.

Satoshi Kon, Dead at 47

The passing of Satoshi Kon is a terrible blow.

He was a film maker and an artist who respected the audiences, respected the technique of animation and pushed what was expected from both.

After 47 years on earth, he’s left us with a legacy of engaging, intelligent, and adult films -fulfilling the promise that frame by frame drawing can indeed create transcendent stories.

Here are some past brief thoughts on the passed great.

Ani Me, Ani You

The New York Times reported the passing of Peter Keefe on Friday.

He was the creator of Voltron which he based on the Japanese animation he admired. As a result, he helped usher in the popular wave of anime and anime influenced cartoons which are just a few clicks shorts of dominating television programming.

Mr. Keefe may have passed at the too young age of 57, but he has contributed to a legacy which has yet to even reach adolescence.