Ottawa International Animation Festival – Day One, Earlier in the Year, Still Cold


But a different kind, this one viral.  I’m hit with the rare cold, so for now, I’m just making through through the minimum.

Day One started early with the Television Animation Conference keynote.

There I caught the short animation for kids program. I’ll try to catch it again in a more clearheaded state.

The first shorts program was solid. Stand outs include Mannimann, a graduation film by Alexander Gellner of Germany which is drawn in an ’80s crude line. Two other student films “Swimming Pool” by Alexandra Hetmerova-an exceptionally charming film about a late night encounter at a public pool and “Animal Kingdom” by Nils Hedinger from Swizerland were amongst the strongest of the program.

“Animal Kingdom” suffered from a needlessly cruel ending made worse by the terrific characterizations up to that point.

The programming finished off with a new piece from George Schwizgebel which suffered only from its placement at the end of a long, late program. Its subtle and elegant and a visual delight. One that will surely benefit from repeat viewing.

The signal film drew the appropriate reponse. A general question mark. It was conceived as a little noir, so this edition was the Q part of the pattern.

Most of the animation was by Christina Capozzi Riley, Liesje Kraai did the water.

Posting from my phone so apologies for all that entails.

  • Michael Sporn

    I love George Schwizgebel’s work. Is he there? Give the guy a Prize.