Ottawa International Animation Festival -Day Two



Feeling a little better, I dragged myself to Dino Stamotopoulis early AM keynote for TAC.

I met him a few times when The Ink Tank produced three films for “TV Funhouse”. I came away with great admiration for both him and Robert Smigel. Interestingly, much of his speech was given to his admiration of animators.

The gist of his talk was that people should pursue what they love, a point which seemingly flew over the heads of many of the conference attendees who may well have been more comfortable at an aluminum siding convention or any other industry whose results can be predicted whose scientific advances can be measured against the bottom line.

Shorts Competition 2 was solid, again highlit by student films. The most accomplished of these is “Hinterland” by Jakob Weyde & Josh Althoff. The film expertly moves through technique without losing a shred of characture. Not only is it techincally proficient but the star bear and crow become most nuanced as they progress a range of styles.

Joanna Priestley’s “Eye Liner” is so far the strongest of a particularly strong batch of experimental films.

Before the screening someone from RISD went around asking people to hoot when Steven Subotnick’s name was announced. This gaucheness was especially unfortunate as the monster truck rally atmosphere had yet to fully subside half way into to 2:30 film. Subotnick’s work is subtle and elegant, more suited to the Museum of Modern Art than a pep relly.

The evening ended with a special program webcast live from Slushing Brooks. Jeff Twiller & Randy J. Johnson’s History of Animation was unfortunately programmed opposite a “Student Party”. So a generation a artkids may have missed out on this informative take on animation history.

I’ve said before, as much as I love Beavis & Butthead, MTV should have built a show around these contemporary characters before resurrecting its children of the 90s.

The reactions to Signal Film #2 sound as though some folks are catching on, to the simple part of the concept at least.

Animation was by Christina Capozzi Riley and DeAndria Mackey.
Doug Vitarelli did the 3D animation and compositing.
Designs were from Leah Shore and DeAndria MacKey.