Old Man

I have a hardened eye towards animated films based on “real audio”. Generally the picture drags down the audio; the audience would be better served listening to a radio play.

Sometimes it works.

Leah Shore’s “Old Man” opened the Genart Festival yesterday. Culled from hours of phone recordings with Charles Manson, her take is visceral and exciting, mostly avoiding simply serving up the voice track.

Of course, it helps that the voice track is a largely incoherent, insane ramble.

Here’s the film’s website. http://oldmanmanson.com/

It was paired with a difficult romantic comedy which was geared towards an audience who isn’t me (I guess I’m not the right Gen).

What was strangest, to me anyway, was the emphasis the festival presenters put on the “parties”. Most of the packaging gave them equal billing “Seven Films, Seven Parties”. The guy who introduced the film (he was from ABC[?] radio) was also particularly excited about the party.

So I can’t say much about the Festival itself -an awkward pairing of short and feature, an embarrassing emphasis on periphery and the product- but I think “Old Man” is an excellent piece of work.