If I were a vampire, I’d forever fight people calling me Rocula.

Rockula, however, would be something to consider -especially if the upside was Toni Basil in her late 1980s prime.

Even more so if I had a groovy soundtrack and opening credits like these:

Sure, sure the animation is -how you say?- raw, but so is the energy. They’re goofy and fun and perfectly appropriate.
I have no production information other than that they were created by Fred Kuentz who now runs Artimation in Arizona.  He also did a stint at Klasky-Csupo as a sheet timer.

As for the film, you had to be there (a kid in the 80s). ┬áThomas Dolby doing a terrible British accent (doubly funny since he’s actually English), a band “tryout” montage and, oh and, Rapula.

Out of 5 stars: 20. Maybe add one more for rhyming Vampire with William Safire.