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Last week we had an invitation screening of Elliot Cowan’s feature film, The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead and Roundhead on which we get a producer credit.


We learned a few things from the show, and with a couple little tweaks here and there we’ll be shopping to sales agents and distributors.


We had a little reception beforehand.


And full house for the screening.

Here are some more galleries of beautiful people:

Many thanks to Seze Devres ( for the great photos!

Sneak Preview

Had a few screenings of excerpts from Elliot Cowan’s feature film “The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead and Roundhead” yesterday.



We ran the twenty or so minutes 5 times throughout the day, for audiences of around 6 at a time on the big 10 foot 4k projection screen at the studio.


We had a mix of producers, directors, writers, animators, actors and activists show up throughout the day. ¬†Pictured here was an animator-dominated screening, with a producer/writer thrown in for good measure (though most of these animators can add a few “/” slash titles too).

You’ll see Elliot fielding questions and filling the gaps between the set pieces shown. ¬†Turns out everybody hated it and he’ll have to start over from the beginning.